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Rose-Innes Auction Tips

Familiarise yourself with some useful information and tips to make your auction experience that much more rewarding when dealing with Rose-Innes Auctions.

The Voetstoots “as is” Clause

The voetstoots, or “as is” clause is a standard clause in respect of the purchase of all auction properties from Rose-Innes Auctions being it online or on floor.

It is a clause which states that the purchaser or potential buyer are purchasing the property in the condition in which it is found or viewed in, and are well aware of such faults, in other words with defects and all and will be sold to you voetstoots, or ‘as is’.

How to register as a floor bidder

You can register on the day of the auction or online on our website. It’s a quick and really easy process. Please note that FICA documents are required so please bring your proof of ID and address, and pay the registration fee which can be paid (securely) online or at our office. Please do note that this fee is fully refundable if you don’t bid or if your bid was not the winning bid.

Buying your car on auction

Is buying a car on auction worthwhile? Of course, it is. With the ever-increasing rate of online scams taking place, one can never be too careful with buying of vehicles. However, at Rose-Innes Auctions you can feel at ease as we have an excellent track record that comes with the strictest confidentiality of providing our clients with a great selection of vehicles to choose from. Prior to auction day, you will be able to view available cars on auction and will be able to even bid online as well.

How To Register