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Frequently Asked Questions

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Sorry, but no, you can’t buy any items or vehicles prior to the auction. All items will be put up for auction.

Step 1
Go to our home page: and select the Login Tab

Step 2
If you have already created an account login with your username and password.

If you have not created an account with us before select Create Account and complete the required information then confirm your account via the email sent to you. You can now login.

Step 3
Once you have logged into your account click on the Auctions tab then go to Current Auctions and select the auction you want to bid on then click Register for this Auction
Your registration will be “Pending Approval”

Step 4
Email us your FICA Documents to then pay your R10 000 refundable deposit.

• Please call us if you require any further information (043) 743 0036 or click on Important Information for more details

Step 5
Your account will be approved as soon as you complete step 4. You can now bid on the auction you registered for.

FICA Documents for SA Citizens:

  • SA Identity Document or Card (No drivers licence)
  • Proof of residential address (Not older than 3 months)


FICA Documents for Non SA Residents:

  • Valid Passport
  • Proof of residential address (Not older than 3 months)
  • Valid Traffic Register Certificate


FICA Documents for Businesses:

  • SA ID of all members
  • Proof of address for all members (Not older than 3 months)
  • Proof of address for the business (Not older than 3 months)
  • Business Traffic Register Certificate (BRNC)
  • Proxy letter and proxy ID
  • SARS VAT Certificate

Our general auction deposit is R2000 (two thousand rand) and our vehicle deposit is R10 000 (ten thousand rand), however this may change depending on the auction so please make sure you check the Terms and Conditions for each auction.

The deposit is refundable and will be given back to you in full if you don’t purchase anything on auction. If you do purchase something on auction you can use your deposit towards your payment. You will only forfeit your deposit if you purchase on auction and then don’t pay your account or if you cancel a purchase for whatever reason.

Viewing for all auctions is usually the day before, during office hours unless otherwise stated. You can also visit our website or Facebook page where we post regular updates about upcoming auctions as well as photos. Its very important that you attend viewing and make sure you are aware of the condition of the item or vehicle you intend to bid on as items are sold without any warranty or guarantee when purchasing on auction and there is no duty to repair.

When you registering you are required to provide your FICA documents for KYC and vetting purposes. If you are purchasing a TV you need to provide a valid TV Licence which is in your name. Please also make yourself aware of the Terms & Conditions for each auction prior to the auction.

Once you have paid for your vehicle in full, you will receive the registration documents from us together with the necessary documents to effect change of ownership into your name.

You have 21 days from the date of sale to register the vehicle onto your name.


All bids will exclude VAT (15%) if applicable as well as Buyers Premium if applicable. There is also a documentation / admin fee applicable on each vehicle.

You have until 4pm on the following business day after the auction to make full payment for your purchases.

The preferred method is by EFT or card. We do not accept cash payments at our offices and any cash payments made into our account will attract a 2% cash handling fee.

You welcome to attend live auctions without registering, however you will not be allowed to purchase anything unless you have registered.

Online auctions can be viewed on our website but you cannot bid online unless you have followed the online registration process.

Please do not bid on any other persons number or let anyone else bid on your number. This is not allowed and can result in you being banned from our auctions. You must register in your own name and provide your FICA document

Your invoice will reflect the details you have provide in your FICA documents therefore you must provide the correct documents when you register as we cannot change any invoices after the auction.

Yes. You can contact Mathilda Fourie from Auction Finance on 082 337 2210 to complete an application. Please make sure you apply for finance prior to the auction so you know what amount you qualify for prior to making a purchase. No finance is available on non-runners.

Very simple, you bring your items to us or we can collect (charge applicable) and the items are booked in under your name with a specific reference number. Once your items are sold you will be given a detailed print out of what the goods where sold for.

Our commission is 29.9%, which includes our commission, advertising fee and VAT applicable. Collection of goods is an additional charge and is quoted before collection. However, if you have a large amount of items for auction we are willing to negotiate our commission.

Once the items are sold, you will be paid out 7 working days from date of sale. Payment can be done directly into your account.

Generally, goods are sold without reserve but in some instances where the items have considerable value, the auctioneer may allow a reserve on an item. In this case reserves must be discussed with the auctioneer prior to the auction and he will give you advice about the item and its current value.

Yes, we can definitely do that for you. Please contact Tracey or Mark to discuss the process involved.

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